A message to the Fargo-Moorhead Community.
“We face a new and deadly challenge. Heroin, Fentanyl and other Opiate based drugs are causing death and devastation in our community. Our friends and relatives are falling prey to a deadly cycle that starts in a medicine cabinet and tragically ends in a coffin. We need members of our community to join together and face this challenge like we have always done…together.” US ND District Attorney Chris Myers (The Forum Newspaper)

“The opioid crisis demands a paradigm shift. It is multifaceted ….it reaches beyond just law enforcement …we are at a point where the entire system needs to join hands… and it’s going to take some courage from all of us to step up, join hands and meet this head on.”
Senator Larry Robinson (High Plains Reader)

“If heroin takes root in our community, heroin users will not be the only victims . Don’t close your eyes.” (Eyes Wide Open Community Forum)

WE have had our eyes on this crisis since 2014. Our response to this collaborative call to action is this summer’s production of American Idiot, a two-time Tony Award Winning musical (the hit  stage adaptation of Green Day’s album American Idiot that conceptually looks at our youth’s struggle to find meaning in a post 9/11 world). Act Up Theatre is a social justice theatre company that empowers young artists and audiences to instigate social change through exceptional performing art.

While this addiction permeates most socio-economic and age groups, our community’s youth have been hit the hardest, so Act Up (comprised mainly of 16-21yo) will tell this relevant and timely story in July, by working with community stakeholders currently invested in positive outcomes. We will continue the conversation, educate and raise awareness with cast and audiences through our post show talk backs.

An audience member, from last season’s production of Next to Normal , where we took on the stigma of mental illness, had this to say…” Thank you for bringing the audience to tears and to laughter, by shedding light on a terribly tough/tragic/relevant topic that personally affects everyone who isn’t living under a rock. After watching the amazing production of “Next to Normal,” I no longer can remain silent…I know so many of you out there suffer, too. And it is time that those of us in the community who have the desire to speak up and help, start doing so without fear.”

The British Theatre Guide said of our performance in Edinburgh, Scotland at the International Fringe Festival… “It was an absolute joy to watch this stylish, exuberant performance and is certainly one for your list of shows to see.”

If you believe we all play a role in finding solutions and are looking for a way to meet this community call to action, please join hands with the youth of Act Up and lets Act Out. With drug use on the rise in the region, coupled with an extremely important political year, American Idiot could not be more timely. Make a difference by contributing to the success of our mission and extending these vital conversations to push toward solution-based outcomes.

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